About Us

What we do

We are passionate about data: it is our digital measurement of the real world. Consequently, as our ability to capture data at higher frequencies and from more complex processes improves, the artifacts of real systems emerge: noise, high-dimensionality, and inter-dependence. While traditional algorithmic machine learning approaches play an important role in mining this data, they must work in concert with data surfacing tools, which intelligently expose relevant data to the expert.

Our Ecosystem


Ruths.ai specializes in building solutions that handle the messy reality of data today and make your experts informed. We work with our clients on their hardest data problems to build innovative platforms which can then be transferred and operated by the client. We leverage our robust domain expertise and diverse technical skillets to build solutions that operate within existing infrastructures, such that the platforms and solutions we deliver enhance the client’s operational excellence, not hide it within a proprietary tool or foundation.

Ruths.ai extensively leverages the TIBCO Spotfire application as the visual analytics and interactive exploratory analysis engine of delivered solutions. We have over 8 years of experience in applying Spotfire to both common workflows and in-depth analyses in the oil and gas domain. We are based in Houston, Texas, and work with clients internationally on the largest oil and gas fields in the world.