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Our Vision

Read up on our vision of a multivendor marketplace for analytics. This is a great time to onboard as a vendor!

Non-Exclusive Author

You continue to have rights to post your templates and extensions on your personal site or anywhere else.

How does it work


Create a login on our website so that you can manage your submission and listing. Once you complete our front-end submission form and send us your .dxp or extension file, we test your product and send a notification with additional requirements if necessary.

Item Pricing

Once your submission is accepted, you can set a price and list your product for sale. As a B2B marketplace, rates should be anchored to industry rates for the same work to be completed by contractors or consultants.


Remember to come back and manage your submissions and listing. You can also view your sales from our store. At this time, we are only accepting submissions for templates and extensions developed for Spotfire. We welcome any ideas for future listings, so please let us know what products you would like to offer as a vendor by contacting


Earn immediate commissions off templates and extensions sold.

The Rules

Attached below is our vendor guide which outlines the formats required for the templates and the guidelines for extensions. Once you are approved as a vendor we will share with your our development kit which allows you to access our license key API.

1443732304_1-02 Vendor Guide