LAS Data Source

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This extension reads Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files, a standard file-format common in the energy industry to store well log information, into a data table, allowing for dynamic visualizations to be made from data shared in LAS format.


  • No need to preprocess LAS files into Spotfire-friendly formats
  • Load LAS files directly to Spotfire
  • Save as linked or embedded data
  • Well header data loaded with curve samples
  • Replaces ugly ‘-999.25’ values with empties, based on header specifications
  • Merge rows and add columns from LAS files

This connector can be used in tandem with the Well Log Visualization.

Key Benefits

Leverage the flexible data model of Spotfire to investigate text analytics.

Easily deployed.

End users don't need to run any install wizards or scripts - just install it on your Spotfire Server.

Annual License per named Spotfire user.

Manage who should see your purchased products using Spotfire’s Administration Manager.


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An extension is a new visualization or data connector for Spotfire. After installing the extension to a Spotfire server, you will be able to drop these new tools into any Spotfire analysis.

  1. Download the Spotfire extension zipped archive.
  2. Install the extension on the Spotfire server and, if applicable, the Spotfire Web Player. This is when you’ll also setup the security and licensing as well.
  3. Open up a new analysis on Spotfire and use your new extension right away!

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LAS Data Source

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Product Details
Release date: November 6, 2015
Last updated: November 6, 2015
Current version: 1.0
Software application type: Spotfire Connector
File format: .spk
File size: 2mb
Requirements: TIBCO Spotfire 7.0+

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