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Typically, operations reporting is governed by complex workflows that limit exploration and interrogation of well performance. Production engineers typically have poor visibility over their assets and spend large amounts of time generating reports to understand performance. By simplifying data access and integrating key data types, more time can be spent looking for opportunities and optimizing the field. More than just a data aggregator or static dashboard, OPS Ranger allows for ad hoc interrogation of data and analytics across the well. Production data is tied to a well ID and can be analyzed in the context of wells geology or completion. Production and downtime can be pulled directly from Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) data or from daily production numbers and field reports.


The OPS Ranger system contains two main components: the reporting layer and the underlying integrated database.  The reporting layer includes pre-packaged solutions for standard operations reporting that are tailored during the installation process. The database integrates multiple data types into convenient views and runs background processes. Once deployed, the entire system can evolve with business needs by internal IT staff or business power users.


A template is an analysis file created in TIBCO Spotfire. The intended use is to replace the data and utilize the configured visualizations and calculations.

  1. Download the template to your personal machine. Login into your own Spotfire server and open the downloaded file.
  2. Review the tables shown on the data load page. These are the tables you'll replace.
  3. Replace the data with another Excel sheet or connect the template directly to your database or platform.
  4. Customize with your own data. You are free to embed and incorporate your template into other projects.
  5. All done!

Spotfire Templates are provided as is and do not require licenses.

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