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Ruths.ai and Exchange.ai are headed to TIBCO NOW in Las Vegas. To celebrate we’ve put together this Blackjack tool to help you with the odds. Using a combination of TERR and jQuery, users can pull random cards, see the odds, and practice making the right move. Read about how we made it on DataShopTalk.com.



Choose the number of decks in play, simulate cards being dealed and hit, and then shuffle.


See the probability of the next hand total.


Make choices about what action to take based on your hand.


No tables are required for this template.

Licensing Notice

The card faces used in this template are covered under GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3).

The deck-of-cards.js library is covered under MIT License.


A template is an analysis file created in TIBCO Spotfire. The intended use is to replace the data and utilize the configured visualizations and calculations.

  1. Download the template to your personal machine. Login into your own Spotfire server and open the downloaded file.
  2. Review the tables shown on the data load page. These are the tables you'll replace.
  3. Replace the data with another Excel sheet or connect the template directly to your database or platform.
  4. Customize with your own data. You are free to embed and incorporate your template into other projects.
  5. All done!

Spotfire Templates are provided as is and do not require licenses.

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  • You need to know just how to manipulate your bets, also using a tiny
    amount of challenges.

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    Release date: May 12, 2016
    Last updated: May 12, 2016
    Current version: 1.0
    Software application type: Spotfire Template
    File format: .dxp
    File size: 1mb
    Requirements: TIBCO Spotfire 7.0 Professional

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