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Turn Spotfire into a powerful reservoir engineering tool with robust and rapid Decline Curves, Type Curves and Probit Plot calculations.


We’ve rebuilt these standard RE routines using efficient Machine Learning algorithms that allow for batch individual well auto-forecasting and multi-group type curve calculation; as you create and fit declines, the whole system becomes more intelligent.


This comprehensive bundle includes new visualizations, data functions and tools. Developed to support a wide range of RE applications, Energy Analytics is a continuously improving solution powered by Ruths.ai.


Introducing the DCA Wrangler Visualization

Driven by the loaded well and production data, you can run autocast and type curve forecasting within Spotfire.

  • Load in thousands of wells and decline them in minutes.
  • Auto-normalize type curves to any column on the well table, including horizontal length or completion intensity.
  • Drop in a new visualization called the DCA Wrangler to any Spotfire analysis on any page.

New features

Smart parameters let the user provide value limits to each modified Arps parameter. You can forecast multiple streams, including oil and gas.The visualization automatically reacts to changing sizes, intelligently handling small layout environments.Once decline curves have been generated, save them to the database to be recalled and used later. Saved decline curve models help anchor future forecasts.Quickly create Probit plots on decline parameters or well EURs. The Probit tool can be used on any datatable, allowing for dynamic grouping into type curve regions.

The Energy Industry’s first NoSQL database

We’ve created a state-of-the art database to house decline curve results in MongoDB, the world’s most popular NoSQL database.  Rather than a complicated table system, retrieve all the information for a decline curve in an easy-to-read JSON data package.  Don’t know what that is?  It’s what all the big tech companies use these days.


Better yet, you can house the database locally on your machine, on a central server, or in the cloud.

Key Benefits

Leverage the flexible data model of Spotfire to investigate text analytics.

Easily deployed.

End users don't need to run any install wizards or scripts - just install it on your Spotfire Server.

Annual License per named Spotfire user.

Manage who should see your purchased products using Spotfire’s Administration Manager.


Access our online support system to answer your questions.


An extension is a new visualization or data connector for Spotfire. After installing the extension to a Spotfire server, you will be able to drop these new tools into any Spotfire analysis.

  1. Download the Spotfire extension zipped archive.
  2. Install the extension on the Spotfire server and, if applicable, the Spotfire Web Player. This is when you’ll also setup the security and licensing as well.
  3. Open up a new analysis on Spotfire and use your new extension right away!

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  • I work for BP and we already have licenses for Spotfire, how can I get the DCA wrangler add in?

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    Last updated: September 14, 2017
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