RAI Scatterplot Matrix Visualization

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Scatterplot matrices are a great way to roughly determine if you have a linear correlation between multiple variables. This is particularly helpful in pinpointing specific variables that might have similar correlations.


Data is divided into groups with each group containing a specified number of traits. These traits are displayed in a matrix format so that traits can be compared. Along the diagonals there are histograms for each trait. Above the cells of the histograms are the labels for the traits. Above the cells of the scatter-plots are the Pearson Coefficient scores. Groups are colored differently.

Configuration Parameters

  • Selection mode: point or rectangle (rectangle is only available for the scatterplots)
  • Legend: show or hide
  • Pearson Coefficient Score: show or hide
  • Tooltips: show or hide (only available for point selection)
  • Number of Bins: how many bars on the histograms
  • Group: Specify what to use to distinguish between groups
  • Number of Traits: Choose how many traits to analyze
  • Trait 1 to 10: Choose what traits to look at
Key Benefits

Leverage the flexible data model of Spotfire to investigate text analytics.

Easily deployed.

End users don't need to run any install wizards or scripts - just install it on your Spotfire Server.

Annual License per named Spotfire user.

Manage who should see your purchased products using Spotfire’s Administration Manager.


Access our online support system to answer your questions.


An extension is a new visualization or data connector for Spotfire. After installing the extension to a Spotfire server, you will be able to drop these new tools into any Spotfire analysis.

  1. Download the Spotfire extension zipped archive.
  2. Install the extension on the Spotfire server and, if applicable, the Spotfire Web Player. This is when you’ll also setup the security and licensing as well.
  3. Open up a new analysis on Spotfire and use your new extension right away!

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RAI Scatterplot Matrix Visualization

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Product Details
Release date: October 13, 2017
Last updated: July 20, 2016
Current version: 0.1
Software application type: Spotfire Visualization
File format: .spk, .zip
File size: 2mb
Requirements: RAI Spotfire Extensions, TIBCO Spotfire 7.10+

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