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The deliverability of a system is its ability to deliver gas as a function of pressure. RAI Well Deliverability tool is developed to assist oilfield operators in determining the flow rates of gas-drive wells using inflow performance relationship (IPR) and tubing performance relationship (TPR) of reservoir, wellbore, and production data.


The Well Deliverability tool is an integrated system that combines the following work-flows:

  • Inflow performance relationship (IPR)
  • Vertical Lift Performance / Tubing Performance relationship (VLP/TPR)
  • Operating Point Determination

The tool can be used for a wide-range of applications including, estimating optimal flow rate, sensitivity analyses, well string pressure traverse, tubing size optimization, production casing size determination, and more.


A template is an analysis file created in TIBCO Spotfire. The intended use is to replace the data and utilize the configured visualizations and calculations.

  1. Download the template to your personal machine. Login into your own Spotfire server and open the downloaded file.
  2. Review the tables shown on the data load page. These are the tables you'll replace.
  3. Replace the data with another Excel sheet or connect the template directly to your database or platform.
  4. Customize with your own data. You are free to embed and incorporate your template into other projects.
  5. All done!

Spotfire Templates are provided as is and do not require licenses.

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  • Hi there,

    i am a petroleum engineering student at the university of Portsmouth and this could be a very useful tool for my dissertation. Could you be kind enough to give me a discount?


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