Wellhead Pressure Surveillance Dashboard


Tracking wellhead pressure is essential to daily production surveillance. The production for most wells is not metered everyday, therefore engineers and analysts rely on pressure data to monitor well performance. This dashboard allows you to easily track pressure trends and quickly see when pressures fall outside of pre-defined targets, preventing costly production loss.


This dashboard will help detect when a well:

  • Shuts in
  • Declines faster than expected
  • Has a subtle pressure change, such as choke opening or closing


  • Set custom wellhead pressure targets
  • User Input boxes to set for upper and lower pressure threshold
  • Color coded charts: markers turn red if pressure falls outside of desired range
  • Drop Down selection: Trellis by API, Well Name or Field
  • Filters for Production Date, Field, and Well

What's Included

  • Spotfire template as described above and shown in screenshots
  • Excel table with wellhead pressure targets (use this to set your targets or replace with your own table)
  • Excel table with sample wellhead pressure data table (to be replaced by your data)
  • Instructions & steps to replace sample data with your own
  • Contact information for support

Required Data Tables

The following data tables, columns, and data types are required for this template:


Wellhead Pressures Table

  • API or UWI (String)
  • Well Name (String)
  • Field Name (String)
  • Timestamp (DateTime)
  • Wellhead Pressure (Real)

Target Pressures Table

  • API (String)
  • Well Name (String)
  • Target Pressure (Real)

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Wellhead Pressure Surveillance Dashboard

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Product Details
Release date: April 4, 2016
Last updated: December 10, 2015
Current version: 1.0
Software application type: Spotfire Template
File format: DXP, XLSX
File size: 1 MB
Requirements: Spotfire, Excel

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