Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

Simple. On the website there are two kinds of products, templates and extensions. Templates are prebuilt analyses that allow a Spotfire developer or an analyst to quickly get started on a project without spending time reinventing the wheel. Extensions are plugins for Spotfire that are specific to an industry or generally add value. An example of this might be a connector to connect to a new data source or a new visualization.

When you download a template, all you have to do is open it, replace your data, and then you’re off! Extensions are just as easy, install them on to you Spotfire server and then the new visualization or connector will appear as an option in your desktop client.

How is my purchase supported?

While templates are provided as is, extensions are supported through the license agreement.

Do I need Spotfire?

You will need Spotfire to use these analyses and extensions.

What is a template?

A template is an analysis file created in TIBCO Spotfire. The intended use is to replace the data and utilize the preconfigured visualizations and calculations.

Will templates get updates?

When we release a new version of the same template, you will be contacted regarding the new update.

How often will new templates be available?

At this time we are releasing new templates every month. Stay tuned with our mailing list to find out what we will be releasing next month!

Can I suggest an idea for a new template?

Absolutely! Drop us a line at and we’ll take your suggestion.

What is an extension?

An extension is a plugin for Spotfire. It is installed on the server and made available through permissions on the server. These can be custom visualizations or new data connectors.

Will extensions get updates?

The extensions will get regular quarterly updates.

Can I use the templates for a project within my organization?

Yes, once you have purchased a template you are free to use it within your organization as you please. All we ask is that you don’t resell the template in its immediate form.

Can I customize a template with my own data?

Yes! We want you to try your data in the template and use the visualizations on your own data.

Can I share my purchased template with others in my organization?

Yes, you are free to share the template within your organization.

What if I need help customizing my template?

You can contact us directly or get connected with our network of trusted consultants.

I would like to make a purchase for an enterprise organization. Who should I contact regarding this order?

Please call us at 832.255.5100 or email us at

Where can I get additional Spotfire Training? offers training in data science and Spotfire. Please review our course catalog here:

Do I need to notify my organizations IT Support before purchasing an extension?

You should confer with your local Spotfire support team to review the extension before purchase.

Will this work on my personal computer?

If you have the recommended version of Spotfire installed on your machine this will work. Please contact us if you have any trouble.

Are there any refunds or trial periods?

All items are final sale.


Which version of Spotfire do I need?

Please review the recommended Spotfire version required on the download page.

How does licensing work?

Licensing here pertains to only the extensions. License are issued per person for each extension. When a user uses a visualization or a connector for the first time, they will be challenged for a license key. These keys will be provided to you upon purchase. After entering the license key, the user will not be challenged again, even if they use a different computer.

Do I need additional licenses for my product to work?

You will only need a single license for a user.

How do I install a template?

Templates merely need to be download and you are off to the races!

How do I install an extension?

Ask your Spotfire administrator to load the extension to your Spotfire environment.

How many users can use an extension?

We offer different packs of licences in addition to a global license for all your users.

What if my data is not correctly structured?

We provide with each template an Excel spreadsheet that matches the data in the template. If you have trouble getting your data into this form you can contact us for additional support.

Can I save the template .dxp to my library?

Yes! You are free to distribute your template through your organization.

How do I replace a data table in the template?

Each template has instructions on which tables to replace and how to do so.


How do I submit a ticket?

Please follow this link to our support site: