Installation and Deployment

For installation and deployment, please refer to the TIBCO Spotfire Server Deployment and Administration that pertains to your particular version:

TIBCO Spotfire 6.5
TIBCO Spotfire 6.0
TIBCO Spotfire 5.5

If you have purchased a license for this extension, please contact to receive the latest version of the extension.


After the Extension .spk file is installed on the server, it is possible to restrict access to certain user groups. Steps to accomplish this are as follows (screenshot below for reference):

  1. Open administration manager as a Library Administrator.
  2. Create group for administering access to the extension (for example “SharePoint Access”) – this is the group that will provide access to the SharePoint extension.
  3. Only check the extension license under TIBCO Spotfire Extensions.
  4. Add groups as a member of the SharePoint Access group. Member groups will inherit access rights to the extension. Other access rights should be received through other memberships.


The connectors and extensions support several security modes, including pass-through authentication, IIS service authentication, and anonymous authentication. At this time, the connector does not support username/password authentication with SharePoint.

Installation instructions specific to the extension are packaged in the download.


Standard Template Installation

  1. After purchase, you will recieve a link to download your new template.
  2. Unzip the archived folder.


  1. The template will be a zipped archive containing the following items:
    • data/
      • AllocatedStreams.xlsx
      • html/
      • img/
      • index.html
      • readme.html
    • README.pdf
    • T001 Production Charting.dxp
  2. Upon opening the file follow the instructions located on the data load page.

Installation instructions specific to the template are packaged inside the analysis.