How does it work?


Templates are guided analytic workflows that provide the user a launching point for their Spotfire analysis. The templates are designed to solve common oil and gas workflows. If you don't see what you need, click here.  
Extensions provide new functionality to Spotfire by adding visualizations, data connectors, and tools.  
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Templates can be used, shared, and extended. They're yours. You just can't resell or share them outside your organization. If you're a consultant, you can't reuse the same template for different clients. The client will need to purchase the template. Extensions are licensed per named user. Buy them in volume and save. Or, discuss enterprise licensing for your organization. The same named user works on the web and author client.


Download and open the Spotfire template (.DXP file). You can even do this in the cloud. For extensions: send the download file to your Spotfire Administrator. They can install it on the Spotfire Server. Put in your license key when you launch for the first time.


Add your data. Some workflows are ready to go and others you may want to change a little. For extensions, set the properties of the extension to use it in action. It will show up on you Spotfire toolbar or menus.


Templates are usually provided as-is. They have lots of documentation. Check out the vendor if they have additional support.